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Special price promotion - Summer Sale

From time to time, we run special price promotions. Some of you may remember the bargain and packing weeks. Admittedly, that was a bit longer ago, but we think it's time to start a promotion again.

This time the focus is on the polystar® type 250 MV sealing device of the medical packaging sector:
The polystar® 250 MV produces and documents validatable sealing processes according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2. The field of application is diverse and not exclusively suitable for medical practices or hospital wards. The film sealer type 250 MV seals both commercially available sterilisation films in pouch or tubular form, as well as thinner composite films with an 8 mm wide and 250 mm long sealing seam.

As always with polystar® film sealers, operation is intuitive and simple: set the required parameters, place the film between the sealing elements, pull the lever forward and after the acoustic signal move the lever to the starting position. Done!

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