On February 6 of this year, the earth shook. Türkiye and Syria were hit hard by quakes with a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6, as well as numerous aftershocks. In southeastern Türkiye as well as in northwestern Syria, hardly a stone was left upon another. The many dead and the suffering of the survivors did not leave us alone. There was a lot of discussion in our corridors and departments, but a general fundraising campaign did not initially occur to us.

This quickly changed when the staff learned about a fundraiser at a school in Barsbüttel. The daughter of one of our employees attends the Erich-Kästner-Gemeinschaftsschule and organized a local collection for the earthquake victims.

The - justifiably - proud father casually told us on February 23 about what his daughter had set up. As a result, two other employees spontaneously undertook a money collection campaign among their colleagues and within 15 minutes had the magnificent sum of € 460.00 in their hands. This money was handed over to the father, who in turn bought urgently needed food and hygiene articles with his daughter and handed them over to the school.

The management was very impressed by the colleagues' spontaneous willingness to help and decided to double the amount collected and make it available as a cash donation. In addition, the company provided a van and two employees to transport the donations in kind collected at the school in Barsbüttel during working hours to the collection point of ASB, a partner of Aktionsbündnis Deutschland Hilft e.V..

It may be that the above donation is only a drop in the bucket, but: We are very proud of the spontaneity and helpfulness of our employees and the commitment of the student!



For several years, we have been involved - together with the Association of German Criminal Investigators - in educational and counselling measures. Last year we also supported the children's colouring book "Safe Childhood" (edition 2022).

We are happy to make a small contribution to the safety of our children.

By the way: the Kripo children's colouring book can also be found in sign language on the BKD YouTube channel at www.malbuch-gl.iv-group.info

More information here: www.kripo-tipps.de


Every year we use the pre-Christmas period to thank our loyal customers for their good cooperation. Traditionally, one or the other gift was distributed as a small thank you.

From 2022, however, we would like to depart from tradition. We believe there are two good reasons for this change:

  • Firstly, there are the transport routes, and with them the environmental impact, which must be avoided.
  • Secondly, we really want to do something good. That is why we have decided to donate the money we have saved to a charitable institution.

Our employees had a lot of help in choosing where to donate - the choice fell on the Sternenbrücke children's hospice in Hamburg. Here is a short excerpt from the work of Sternenbrücke:

"Since 2003, Sternenbrücke has been helping children, adolescents and, since 2010, young adults up to the age of 27 with a shortened life expectancy to live a dignified life until their death. The sick young people and their relatives are professionally accompanied and lovingly cared for at Sternenbrücke not only in the last phase of life, but also on the path of illness, which often lasts for many years, within the framework of respite care, in order to alleviate the feeling of being alone and isolated and thus also to relieve the families emotionally and physically. Even after the loss, Sternenbrücke continues to carefully support the families in their grief."

You can find more information about the facility at https://sternenbruecke.de/home

We think that we are doing double good - also in the sense of our customers: For the climate and for the people!

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