The polystar® service

Due to decades long close co-operation with industry, the trades and service organisations we have optimised our service with regards to their respective requirements.

Perfect customer service!



  • Our delivery service
    Order today for prompt delivery.
    We see this as an essential service.
  • Our replacement part service
    We keep a stock of all replacement parts ready for you. In other words, we ensure that goods are shipped promptly – within the EU – as part of our 24-hour service.
    A promise is a promise.
  • Our repair service
    Something’s stopped working? No problem!
    Simply send it to us: we’ll repair your sealing machine and have it back to you in no time.
    We can also provide a loan unit for a small fee to cover your needs while your machine is being repaired.
  • Our sealing test service
    Not sure which polystar® film sealing device is best suited to your film? We’ll test it for you to find out.
  • Our sealed seam test service*
    To examine how our sealing processes perform on your sterile films, we would be happy to test the seal strength of sealed seams and produce a test report (EN 868-5).
  • Our trial shipment service*
    To prove you’ve made the right choice:
    Test our polystar® film sealers on your own premises.
  • Our financing service*
    We’d be happy to provide you with a leasing proposal on request. We exclusively offer this service within Germany.

 * Contact us to discuss these special service offers: We’d be happy to advise you!

By the way:

All of our devices correspond to current German and European legislation as a matter of course and bear GS and CE certification marks! That’s something you can rely on.

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