The polystar® principle

A polystar® film sealer is built to do exactly what is expected of it: reliably seal films, including in 24/7 shift operation. Obviously, some wearing parts will have to be replaced after a certain period of time, but even this should be a quick and straightforward task. And, once the new parts are in place, your polystar® film sealer should be reliably sealing films again straight away.

This is what we stand for and the standard we set ourselves.

To us, our brand name polystar® is not just any old name: polystar® is an attitude to life and embodies our unflinching desire to achieve and deliver the very best.

In every phase in the service life of a polystar® film sealer – whether it uses the heat impulse method or the continuous sealing method – we follow the polystar® principle.

  • Development
    Customer requests, technical innovations, statutory amendments and the progressive nature of business spur us on to achieve technical developments of the highest standard. Our internal design team also regularly reviews and updates the polystar® film sealers already on the market.

  • Production
    We manufacture polystar® film sealers entirely in our own facilities. However, we do engage local specialists to perform a handful of work steps, such as painting and anodizing processes. When selecting our partners, we take care to ensure we work with suppliers from the local region wherever possible. In addition, our highly trained personnel guarantee consistent quality standards throughout the production process.

  • Consultancy
    Our team of consultants would be happy to assist with your project. If you inform us of your target parameters and the film material you are using, we can find a suitable polystar® film sealer for you – whether that means an off-the-shelf model or a special design.

  • Sales and after-sales
    Already know what you want? Looking for spare parts or PE tube films? Give us a call or send us an email and we will professionally process your order. As a rule, we dispatch PE tube films and spare parts the same day without any surcharges using the UPS Express Saver service – meaning that you can process your goods the very next day. (Note: Applies to orders received by 10:30am and subject to availability of goods ready for supply; we reserve the right to sell goods in the interim. This service is only available for orders and shipments within Germany).
    We subject our polystar® film sealers and continuous rotary sealers to electrical testing and functional inspections in our workshop prior to delivery and fit them with applicable labels. Depending on the volume of orders we receive and our current stock levels, this can take between one to three days.

  • Maintenance and repairs
    We strive to produce polystar® film sealers that are almost indestructible. Our devices require regular maintenance for precisely this reason. You can arrange for all maintenance to be performed at our in-house workshop.
    If, however, a polystar® film sealer does break down, our workshop team will be happy to offer their expertise – including providing a cost estimate upon request, so that you have an idea of the costs before the repairs are carried out.

  • Calibration
    polystar® film sealers used in specific fields are often subject to specific standards. In the field of medical devices, for example, packaging must correspond to DIN EN ISO 11607-2. On top of maintenance and repairs, this standard stipulates regular calibration for packaging devices – a task that we can expertly and professionally perform on your behalf.

  • Loan units from polystar®
    We keep a selection of polystar® film sealers available as stop-gap solutions while your units are away for maintenance, repairs or calibration and to help you cope with peaks in demand. We still stay true to the promise of our polystar® principle when providing loan units. Please note that this service is subject to a charge.

  • polystar® safety
    Safety is a topic close to our heart. As a result, all polystar® film sealers are manufactured in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as a minimum standard and bear the CE mark. In addition, save for a few exceptions, polystar® film sealers and continuous rotary heat sealers are GS-tested.

  • The polystar® guarantee
    We are so convinced of the quality of our polystar® film sealers that we provide a 36-month warranty. All polystar® film sealers come with our terms of guarantee and your invoice upon delivery. Wearing parts are excluded from this guarantee. Please consult our terms of guarantee for more detailed information.

The polystar® principle – we live it and love it!
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