The endurance athletes: Continuous rotary heat sealers for bags of all types

Different manufacturers come up with all manner of terms for their continuous rotary heat sealers. Some refer to them as rotary heat sealing machines, others call them rotary heat sealing devices and others talk about CRH sealing systems.

For the sake of simplicity, we opt for “continuous rotary heat sealers” – no messing around trying to embellish the product name with additional terms to make them seem fancier than they are.

In any case, whatever you want to call them, the main point to take away is that continuous rotary heat sealers are built for real endurance!

Wide range of permanently heated polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers for almost all types of packaging

No matter what packaging films you need to seal, we have the perfect continuous rotary heat sealer for you:

  • polystar® 350 DSM series – to securely seal bags made from materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyamide/polyethylene composites, plus thin aluminium composite films
  • polystar® 325 DSM – a special continuous rotary heat sealer for convenient manual work. Capable of sealing bags and continuous films up to 0.15 mm thick. This machine’s sealing process is manually controlled.
  • polystar® 400 DSM and 620 DSM series – This series of continuous rotary heat sealers can seal all bags made from composite films, no matter whether made from an aluminium, paper or other composite, with or without side pleats. What matters is that the bags to be sealed have an internal PE coating. The difference between the 400 DSM and 620 DSM series lies in the way they seal: the 400 DSM series seals upright bags (i.e. with bags hanging vertically) and the 620 DSM series seals flat bags (i.e. with bags lying horizontally).

No matter which continuous rotary heat sealer you choose, you must ensure at least 30 mm clearance between the edge of the bag and its contents!

The polystar® modular principle: Customised continuous rotary heat sealers

Do you need a continuous rotary heat sealer with a different sealing seam width to our standard models? And precise temperature control, too? Perhaps your sealer also needs to be able to seal heavy bags? No problem! Depending on the model you choose, we can supply continuous rotary heat sealers that create seams 4 mm to 15 mm wide. In addition to our standard models, we also offer the option of precise temperature control functions – ideal for packaging made from sensitive materials like nonwoven fabric.

And, in order to handle heavy bags, we can supply a roller track to help you handle bags weighing up to 2 kg. Is your packaging heavier than that when full? You’re in luck: our range also includes a tabletop conveyor belt (for loads up to 5 kg) and a mobile conveyor belt (for loads up to 25 kg).

This means you can put together a packaging machine that meets all your requirements. An operator guides the bags into the continuous rotary heat sealer. As soon as a bag is engaged by the sealer, it is transported through the permanently heated sealing jaws. It then passes through the spring-mounted cooling bars (350 DSM series) or embossing rollers (400 + 620 DSM series) and leaves the machine as a perfectly sealed bag.

By the way, there are other options available not outlined here! Simply get in touch – we’ll be happy to advise you.

Are polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers fully automatic?

An easy question to answer: no! We do not offer any fully automatic packaging machines – nor do we supply shrink tunnels or shrink films.

All polystar® rotary film sealers must be manually controlled by an operator (who feeds the bags into the sealer). In the standard versions of our continuous rotary heat sealers, bags are fed into the right-hand side of the machine and emerge sealed from the left-hand side of the machine. Of course, manually feeding bags into the machine is a slower process than fully automatic sealing. On the other hand, the cost of procuring a polystar® continuous rotary heat sealer is also significantly lower.

Speaking of speed, how many bags can a polystar® continuous rotary heat sealer actually process? As an example, let’s calculate the speed of the polystar® 350/5 DSM. This machine can seal 5.5 meters of film per minute. For the purpose of this example, let’s imagine we are sealing bags with a width of 100 mm. We can input these values into the following formula: machine speed (in mm) divided by bag width (in mm) equals sealing output per minute. This results in a theoretical bag volume of 55 units per minute. From our experience, however, this value is rather unrealistic, as it is not possible to feed bags in this rapidly. A more realistic estimate would be just under half the theoretical, calculated value.

By the way…

… we would be happy to help you find the perfect packaging for your products, from ready-made bags to PE tube film.

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