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Electromagnetic table-top sealers, vertical sealing jaws

polystar® 400 M series
polystar 401 M with table and unwinder
polystar 401 M with table and magazine
polystar 601 M

Product description

When it matters most: For packaging that stays sealed!

If we were a certain famous battery manufacturer, this is probably where we would use the image of our equally famous bunny. Why? Well, the table-top sealers in the polystar® 400 M series work just as tirelessly – they seal, and seal, and seal…

Here are three good reasons for their endurance:

  1. Robust design
    Double-heated system, automatic sealing and cooling time control, foot pedal and a stable housing form the perfect unit. When combined, these elements can reliably seal many film types up to 2 x 0.40 mm thick.
  2. Convenient operation
    The sealing process is easy to initiate using the foot pedal. This keeps your hands free, allowing you to prepare the next bag for sealing or operate the optional cutting device while the previous bag is still being sealed and cooling.
  3. Sealing films using the proven thermal impulse method
    This energy-saving and thus environmentally friendly method only consumes energy when the thermal impulse is initiated. It also eliminates the need to wait while the device heats up – simply switch on the power, set the sealing and cooling time, and away you go.

The basic models – the polystar® 401 M and 601 M – can be extended with various additional options to create your perfect work station, including a cutting device, plug-in work table, film dispenser for a roll of tube film or magazines capable of holding several rolls, in a modular system based on your specific needs.

These reliable polystar® film sealers can be used to process PE tube films as well as ready-made bags made from materials such as polyethylene, PA/PE composites and thin aluminium compounds – whether in storerooms, sales settings, workshops or much more besides...

Technical data

Technical data polystar® 401M polystar® 601M
Seal length max. 400 mm 600 mm
Seal width 3,0 mm 3,0 mm
Passage width 330 mm 525 mm
Jaw opening 15 mm 15 mm
Current input 3,0 A 7,0 A
Power consumption 0,8 kWh 1,5 kWh
Dimensions 560 x 305 x 155 mm 765 x 305 x 155 mm
Net weight 13,7 kg 20,5 kg
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz
All machines are supplied with a 3m connecting cable. The measurements given are approximate.
We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!



Data sheet 400 M (234.09 KB)

Product Image Product SKU Product Name Description Weight Size
polystar 401 M120134 Electromagnetic table-top sealer 401 M Seal length: 400mm 13.7 KG 560 x 305 x 155 MM
polystar 601 M120135 Electromagnetic table-top sealer 601 M Seal length: 600mm 20.5 KG 765 x 305 x 155 MM
401M_E_Anstecktisch_Schneidevorrichtung122109 Anstecktisch 401 M + 413 M
401M_E_Abroller123109 Folienabrollgerät 401 M + 413 M
401M_E_Folienrollenmagazin124109 Folienrollenmagazin 401 M + 413 M
413M_E_Schneidevorrichtung121151 Schneidvorrichtung 401 M + 413 M
401M_E_Anstecktisch_Schneidevorrichtung3122112 Anstecktisch 601 M + 613 M
401M_E_Abroller8123112 Folienabrollgerät 601 M + 613 M
401M_E_Folienrollenmagazin7124114 Folienrollenmagazin 601 M + 613 M
413M_E_Schneidevorrichtung1121152 Schneidvorrichtung 601 M + 613 M
H47049-40 Heizelement 400 mm Benötigte Menge pro Gerät: 2 Stück
41158A Druckschnur 401 M + 413 M
40097-60 Heizelement 600 mm Benötigte Menge pro Gerät: 2 Stück
41158B Druckschnur 601 M + 613 M
41125 Messer (Universal)
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