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Industrial film sealers using the proven thermal impulse sealing method

Looking for an affordable solution that will enable you to securely package your high-quality products without having to invest huge sums in a large-scale packaging machine? Does your film sealer also need to be robust, reliable and suitable for long periods of use? Is your packaging either a bag or a tube film – or maybe you use both? If so, you’re in just the right place.

At polystar®, our film sealers for industrial use combine exactly the qualities you need. The wide range of different options – from manual operation to foot actuation, and from mobile solutions to stationary units – makes sealing your packaging a cinch.

Mobile sealing…

…of continuous films is made possible by the polystar® 120 GE impulse generator and our range of different tong types and sizes. It can also quickly create long-lasting seals for film bags, including polyethylene bags.

This model of film sealer even makes light work of large bags and valve bags with internal PE coatings. When processing these types of materials, it is essential that whoever is sealing packages ensures that the seam is as dust-free as possible.

Film sealers with a lever arm…

…from polystar® are manually operated. These sealers are available in three different lengths and two designs. In the basic version of this film sealer, the user has to hold the lever arm down during the sealing process. The version with a retention magnet eliminates the need to hold down the lever arm. These film sealers are commonly used in trade settings, such as to individually package spare parts in individual bags made from tube film.

You can also supplement our space-saving film sealing devices with further tools and equipment in order to process film bags and tube films without any issues.

A little fancy footwork when using polystar® film sealers…

…with vertical sealing bars also produces perfect sealing results. Simply lay the film between the heating elements, use the foot pedal to initiate the sealing process – and the packaging is finished. This sealer can be used to create individual bags from tube films or seal ready-made film bags.

Our film sealers with electronic control systems feature the designation “eco”. In these models, the temperature, sealing time and cooling time parameters can be precisely configured down to a degree and a tenth of a second – but that’s not all. The intelligent control system detects the residual heat in the heating elements and readjusts to the required target temperature. As a result, our eco models cut electricity consumption and also reduce wear to the heating element.

Further tools such as a cutting device, a plug-in work table, a film dispenser for one roll of tube film or magazines capable of holding several rolls are perfect additions to our film sealers.

Foot pedals are also used to initiate the heat impulse in polystar® film sealers with horizontal sealing bars. This series of packaging machines can seal ready-made bags up to 1000 mm wide. You can add a lifting carriage complete with a roller track to help you handle and seal heavy film bags.

Do you need to leave some overhang at the top of your bag? No problem! We have just the solution for you: by mounting the sealing bars in a U-profile, you have almost limitless freedom to adjust the overhang at the top of the film bag as you need.

Our film sealers with horizontal sealing bars are available in four different widths and, just like the models with vertical sealing bars, come in both our conventional potentiometer version and an eco version with electronic control.

Validatable: monitored sealing processes and logged process parameters…

…are no problem at all for film sealers in the polystar® 430 M series. In addition, these packaging machines are more than capable of handling most films – from simple monofilms in bag form to tube film and more challenging materials like TYVEK® film. You can enter the required sealing parameters using the touch display and even save them permanently in the program memory. After that, all you have to do is press the foot pedal to initiate the specified sealing process – and, shortly after, the bag is fully sealed.

You can also supplement your film sealer with a cutting device, a plug-in work table, a film dispenser for one roll of tube film or a magazine capable of holding several rolls to create your customised workstation.

Our customers include numerous companies both large and small as well as start-ups from all areas of trade, industry and commerce. When are you going to join them?

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