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Table-top Sealers, hand operated, with holding magnet

polystar® 240 M series
polystar 583M with plugin-table
polystar 583M with plugin-table and unwinder

Product desription

Clear and organised: Seal films with a retention magnet and no need for training

Compact, practical and straightforward – these are the first qualities you will notice in polystar® film sealers with a lever arm.

  • Compact – truly space-saving design (not including optional accessories such as a plug-in work table and/or film dispenser)
  • Practical – suitable for use in many different scenarios
  • Straightforward – when we say you can start sealing without any training, we mean exactly that

Manually operated lever-arm devices from polystar® use the energy-efficient and thus environmentally friendly thermal impulse method. In addition, these film sealers are immediately ready for use once switched on and are utterly reliable.

Do you use ready-made polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) bags? No problem – simply fill your bag and seal it closed. That’s all!

Perhaps you make individual bags from a roll of film, such as PE tube film? That’s no problem, either – simply pull out the length of film you need, apply your bottom seam and actuate the cutting device. Then all you need to do is fill your bag and seal it closed – and that’s it!

These polystar® sealers give you complete freedom to set the duration of the thermal impulse based on the film material and thickness. They are capable of sealing PE films up to 2 x 0.25 mm thick. The reliable thermal impulse method and visual signal (light indicator) ensure you achieve optimal sealing results.

Why not build a customised packaging station? Adding a plug-in work table and a film dispenser or a roll magazine will ensure your workstation stays organised.

These reliable tools can be used in places from storerooms to workshops and sales settings, helping you package anything from screws and other small parts to pipes, signs, textiles... the possibilities are (almost) endless!

The sealers in our 240 M series are equipped with an additional retention magnet as well as automatic sealing and cooling time control.


Technical data

Technical data polystar® 242M polystar® 243M polystar® 423M polystar® 583M
Seal length max. 250 mm 250 mm 440 mm 600 mm
Seal width 1,5 mm 1,5 mm 1,5 mm 1,5 mm
Current input 0,5 A 0,5 A 1,1 A 1,5 A
Power consumption 0,1 kWh 0,1 kWh 0,22 kWh 0,33 kWh
Diemsions 420 x 120 x 135 mm 420 x 120 x 135 mm 720 x 120 x 135 mm 880 x 180 x 150 mm
Net weight 4,5 kg 4,7 kg 7,0 kg 8,0 kg
Puwer supply 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz 230 V/50 Hz
All machines are supplied with a 3m connecting cable. The measurements given are approximate.
We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!



Data sheet 240 / 240 M (175.39 KB)

Product Image Product SKU Product Name Description Weight Size
polystar 243M with plugin-table and magazine120144 Table-top Sealer 243 M Seal length: 250mm 4.7 KG 420 x 120 x 135 MM
polystar 583M with plugin-table120145 Table-top Sealer 423 M Seal length: 440mm 7 KG 720 x 120 x 135 MM
polystar 583M with plugin-table120146 Table-top Sealer 583 M Seal length: 600mm 8 KG 880 x 180 x 150 MM
243M_E_Anstecktisch122105 Anstecktisch 243 + 243 M
243M_E_Abroller123106 Folienabrollgerät 243 + 243 M
243M_E_Folienrollenmagazin_klein124101 Folienrollenmagazin 243 + 243 M
243M_E_Anstecktisch4122107 Anstecktisch 423 + 423 M
243M_E_Abroller7123109 Folienabrollgerät 423 + 423 M
243M_E_Anstecktisch1122108 Anstecktisch 583 + 583 M
243M_E_Abroller71123112 Folienabrollgerät 583 + 583 M
30065-243 Heizelement 243 + 243 M
40238 Silicongummiprofil 243 + 243 M
70003 Moosgummiprofil 243 + 243 M
30571-420 Heizelement 423 + 423 M
40238B Silicongummiprofil 423 + 423 M
70047A Schaumstoffprofil 423 + 423 M
30571-580 Heizelement 583 + 583 M
40238C Silicongummiprofil 583 + 583 M
70047B Schaumstoffprofil 583 + 583 M
41125 Messer (Universal)
70228 Drucktaster
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