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Thermal Sealing Device

polystar® 260 HSG

Product description

Heat-sealed: No scorch and no escape!

Be it aluminium composite, paper composite or cellophane – these materials can be heat sealed. The continuously heated sealing elements provide for secure sealing – making packaging airtight and aroma-tight.

The polystar® 260 HSG heat sealer is not only compact, it is also very fast: for example, it can seal polypropylene (PP) bags within 1.3 seconds. Not only that – with the correct temperature setting, doypacks can be sealed within 2.4 seconds. This makes the polystar® 260 HSG heat sealer ideal for use in shops of bakeries, pâtisseries and coffee roasters, etc. The new, discrete design in dark anthracite means it can blend well into any shop surroundings. So you can hand your customer freshly packaged – and aroma-sealed – merchandise ready for the journey home.

Of course, the constantly heated polystar® 260 HSG heat sealer is also suitable for long periods of use. Production runs involving large numbers of items over several hours can be handled without a problem.

The product’s user-friendliness speaks for itself. The temperature can be precisely set using an incremental encoder and the sealing time can be entered to the nearest tenth of a second. After a brief warm-up phase, you are good to go: Firstly, the bag is fed between the sealing elements. Then, by briefly stepping on the foot button, the sealing elements close and the sealing process begins. After the sealing elements open, the bag is securely sealed.

With the 10 mm sealing seam, you even have the choice between the following:

  • Corrugated seam with 7 horizontal grooves (standard design)
  • Corrugated seam with vertical grooves for particularly fine film material
  • Corrugated seam with 3 horizontal grooves for particularly thick composite films
  • Smooth seam without corrugation

In this way, you can choose the best sealing seam for your packaging pouch.

Important: The polystar® 260 HSG is not suitable for polyethylene bags (PE bags).

To seal polyethylene bags (PE bags) or polyethylene film (PE film), use our polystar® thermal impulse sealers or the rapid-action continuous rotary band sealers from the polystar® 350/5 DSM series.

Technical data

Technical data polystar® 260 HSG
Length of sealing seam max. 260 mm
Width of sealing seam 10 mm crimp seams
Sealing temperature adjustable 50 - 220°C
Current input 1,8 A
Power consumption ca. 0,4 kWh
Dimensions 295 x 325 x 165 mm
Net weight 11,8 kg
Power supply 230 V/50 Hz
All machines are supplied with a 3m connecting cable. The measurements given are approximate.
We retain the right to make technical changes without giving prior notice!



Data sheet 260 HSG (144.97 KB)

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Heißsiegelgerät polystar 260 HSG180200 Thermal Sealing Device 7 longitudinal grooves 295 x 325 x 165 MM
2.191,00 €
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Heißsiegelgerät polystar 260 HSG180201 Thermal Sealing Device 3 longitudinal grooves 295 x 325 x 165 MM
2.370,00 €
0,00 €
Heißsiegelgerät polystar 260 HSG180202 Thermal Sealing Device transverse grooves 295 x 325 x 165 MM
2.370,00 €
0,00 €
Heißsiegelgerät polystar 260 HSG180203 Thermal Sealing Device plain surface 295 x 325 x 165 MM
2.370,00 €
0,00 €
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