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Stainless steel filling scales

Galaxy Compact
Galaxy Compact
Galaxy Compact
Galaxy Advance
Galaxy Advance
Galaxy Advance
Galaxy Pico
Galaxy Pico
Galaxy Pico

Product description

Weighing and filling in one work step...

It’s nothing new, not even for us. For many years, we have been offering filling scales from the GALAXY brand to supplement the polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers. Together with our partner, we can provide you with comprehensive advice and help you customise your scales however you need.

Light, heavy and everything in between – consistently precise weightings with GALAXY

0.3 g is the lowest weight that GALAXY’s Pico edition can weigh and package. At the opposite end of the scale, the Advance edition can handle up to 25 kg without breaking a sweat. Finally, the Compact edition from the GALAXY edition is suitable for moderate weights (20 to 2,000 g) in between.

It is important to know that the desired filling weight is not the only criterion for selecting the “right” GALAXY scales: the filling volume of the product to be packaged should also be considered.

Weighing and filling

In terms of handling, the GALAXY filling scales come slap bang in the middle between manual weighing and fully automatic filling. So if you want something that is a lot quicker than a fully manual system and significantly cheaper than a fully automatic machine for your weighing and filling processes, you would be well-advised to go for these.

They are suitable for conventional products such as tablets and pills, coffee beans and/or powder, tea, spices, almonds and nuts. Not only that – granules, pellets and small plastic and metal parts can also be processed with the GALAXY scales.

Decades of practical experience have inspired us to develop filling scale solutions customised to you. We will support you all the way – from initial idea to practical implementation – to ensure you get the solution that’s right for you.

Striking similarities between GALAXY filling scales

The difference between the individual GALAXY models Advance, Compact and Pico is clear: the weight ranges they support. But there are also many similarities... for example, all scales from the GALAXY family have a compact design. And, of course, all components that come into contact with products are made of stainless steel – a must in the food industry.

For filling weights used again and again, up to 10 different recipes can be saved – thus saving you time when changing products and/or weights. The membrane keyboard can be used to save recipes to the programme memory and to manually set the weight.

To ensure precise weights, two different filling speeds can be set – pre-dosing and post-dosing. Pre-dosing quickly produces the rough target weight, and post-dosing then makes adjustments to get the exact target weight.

As soon as the target weight has been reached, the product can then be packaged. This is done by actuating the foot switch.

Scales in all shapes and sizes

GALAXY filling scales can be tailored precisely to your needs: single, double or multi-head scales, with or without a housing (dust protection), narrow or wide vibrating chute, small or large scale pan, more programme memories... no two scales are the same. But, of course, we also offer “off-the-rack” variants.

Intuitive operation – Compact design – Transparent processes

As with the polystar® film sealers, we want everything with the GALAXY filling scales to be “clear-cut”:

  • Pour the product into the supply hopper
  • Enter the desired filling weight using the membrane keyboard
  • Set the pre- and post-filling speeds (rough and precise dosing)
  • Weigh, fill – finished!

By the way...

After pouring the product into a bag, the bag must of course be sealed. Depending on the bag material, we recommend the polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers. Just have a browse on the page for constantly heated sealers in the “Industrial packaging” section of our website.

Technical Data

Technical Data polystar® GALAXY Advance polystar® GALAXY Compact polystar® GALAXY Pico

 max. ca. 20 Wägungen/Min. 

(abhängig vom Produkt und Gewicht)

 max. ca. 20 Wägungen/Min.

(abhängig vom Produkt und Gewicht)

max. ca. 20 Wägungen/Min.

(abhängig vom Produkt und Gewicht)

Vorratstrichter ca. 40 Liter Volumen  ca. 55 Liter Volumen   ca. 10 Liter Volumen
Inhalt der Schale ca. 10 Liter  ca. 2,5 Liter oder ca. 4 Liter   ca. 80 cc oder 400 cc
Wägebereich 250 - 5.000 g (volumenabhängig) 20 - 2.000 g (volumenabhängig)  0,3 - 50 g oder 1 - 300 g (volumenabhängig)
Vibrationsrinne 130 mm breit  130 mm breit   50 mm breit
Druckluftanschluss 5 - 7 bar  min. 4 bar / max. 6 bar   4 - 6 bar
Verbrauch ca. 0,1 m³/Min.  ca. 0,1 m³/Min.   ca. 0,1 m³/Min. 
Display MONO1020 Faber  MONO1020 Faber   MONO1020 Faber 
Netzspannung 230 V / 50 Hz  230 V / 50 Hz  230 V / 50 Hz 
Gewicht ca. 60 kg  ca. 60 kg  ca. 45 kg 
Abmessung ca. 1.000 x 550 x 600 mm ca. 700 x 400 x 1.050 mm ca. 700 x 300 x 800 mm 


Entdecken Sie unsere GALAXY auch als Doppelkopf-, Vierkopf- und/oder Sechskopf-Waage. Sprechen Sie uns einfach an.


Galaxy Advance (298.12 KB)

Galaxy Compact (268.42 KB)

Galaxy Pico (229.65 KB)

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