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Since 1963, RISCHE + HERFURTH promises:

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What we seal ... holds!


As always, when you travel back in time, you are amazed at how quickly time passes. For 60 years now, the polystar® brand has established itself. It stands for quality, robustness, reliability, durability, simplicity... No matter what attribute comes to mind, a polystar® plastic film sealer fulfills it-

It all began in 1963, when Dietrich Rische and Rolf Herfurth had been involved in joining plastics for many years. They had successfully co-developed and marketed the high-frequency and ultrasonic welding processes in the then F.W.R. Herfurth KG (1950) and the resulting Herfurth GmbH (1953).

At that time, the plastics market was booming and mass production of polymers was steadily advancing in the mid-1950s. Industry and trade in particular began to integrate the lightweight plastic films into their packaging processes. The two business partners also took note of this development. However, the already established welding techniques were too powerful for the new and lightweight plastic films, e.g. made of polyethylene, so that a new welding technique had to be developed. In a backyard garage, both of them - like so many others in the still young Federal Republic - tinkered with a new technology.

After a short time, the first heat impulse welding device from Herfurth GmbH in Hamburg was born. Initially, the first plastic film welding units using the new process were manufactured and sold under the umbrella of Herfurth GmbH. This market developed rapidly and production and sales soon reached their limits, especially since the other business areas were also expanding strongly. The time for action had come.

With the takeover of a Hamburg manufacturing company, new capacities could be created. Dietrich Rische and Rolf Herfurth decided to spin off the heat impulse welding technology into an independent company: RISCHE + HERFURTH OHG. Equipped with a combination of taken over and established employees from their own company, the foundation stone for the success story of RISCHE + HERFURTH GmbH was laid.

They also chose the managing director from their own staff. For some time now, the impressively astute Karl-Heinz Krogmann, only 25 years old, stood out from the staff. Without further ado, Krogmann was called into the executive office to see Dietrich Rische. Rische was brief: "We have founded a new company and you will be its managing director. Congratulations!"

After a short reflection period of one night, Krogmann accepted the offer and has since successfully steered the fortunes of this company. He faced numerous challenges and mastered them with flying colors. After a few successful years, the partners Rische and Herfurth made him a co-partner. The following are some highlights from his work:

  • Introduction and establishment of the polystar® brand
  • Promotion of the brand at national and international trade fairs
  • Conversion from OHG to GmbH
  • Purchase of a new business premises in Hamburg Wandsbek - large enough for production and administration
  • Extensive construction and renovation of the factory premises
  • and -of course- the consequent further development of the plastic film welding equipment in the field of heat impulse and permanently heated continuous welding technology.

Krogmann, in the meantime majority shareholder, led the fortunes of the company until his death in March 2008. Since then, his daughter, who has been with the company since 1983, has managed the company in the second generation. She, too, attaches great importance to the continuous further development of the polystar® brand film sealing devices. However, it is also clear to her that not only the technology must continue to develop - the development of the employees and the responsibility for employees and their families are therefore of great importance to her.

The success story of RISCHE + HERFURTH GmbH is far from over, as the 3rd generation from the Krogmann family is already standing by...




Since March 2012 RISCHE HERFURTH is registered as AEO-C.

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