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Plastic film sealers for industrial packaging

Packaging provides protection against dust and dirt during storage and transportation. Both primary and secondary packaging should be used. The packaging materials range from cans and canisters made of aluminium or rigid plastic, to bags and pouches made of pure paper, to paper and aluminium composite films, to “simple” films e.g. made of polyethylene. No matter what material you use, the packaging must somehow be sealed – as lastingly as possible.

We are the ones to come to for thermoplastic films, for example made of PE, and composite films with a sealable inner coating.

polystar® film sealers – perfect for industry, trade and commerce

Whatever the purpose of your packaging, your high-quality products should be protected until they reach your clients. Of course, you could just stick some cellotape over your film bags or tube films or simply staple them shut. But either the packaging could be easily opened when it shouldn’t be or your clients could injure themselves on the staples.

The more elegant and durable solution is to seal your bags and tube films with a polystar® film sealer. The film bags cannot be readily opened without this being obvious, as the packaging must either be cut or ripped open. This makes our film sealers perfect for use in industry, trade and commerce.

Wide range of film sealers for almost all industrial packaging

Whatever you need to package in different films, you are sure to find the right polystar® film sealer here.

Our extensive product portfolio includes thermal impulse sealers with different operating options. You can choose whether the impulse is triggered by hand or by foot. The thermal impulse sealers are ready to use immediately. They don’t require a warm-up phase and, on top of that, only use power when sealing is triggered via an impulse.

Another technique uses continuously driven and permanently heated sealing devices, known as continuous rotary heat sealers. These can be used to quickly seal a large number of bags or long sheets of film.

The polystar® heat sealers are also permanently heated. These devices are used like the thermal impulse film sealers (foot actuation), but are kept at a constant temperature like the continuous rotary heat sealers.

These machines don’t differ much in terms of handling, but from a technical point of view they are poles apart. When choosing the “right” packaging machine, the film material is the deciding factor. For example, simple monofilms, such as film bags made of PE, often only “cope” with a sealing seam width of 1.5 to 3 mm. But bags and films made of composite material, e.g. aluminium or paper composites, need a broader sealing seam in order for the heat to act on a larger surface area of the packaging.

polystar® device series: always ready to ship

We have grouped our industrial film sealers and continuous rotary heat sealers into clearly defined series. This allows you to see at a glance how the manually operated packaging machines are handled. All you have to do then is decide on the “right” sealing seam length or sealing seam width.

Generally, all industrial polystar® film sealers are ready to ship from the warehouse – unless they have been sold in the meantime, of course. Just find the “right” device series with the appropriate sealing seam and then place the order with us. Then everything happens automatically: Your film sealer will be subjected to final checks and tests in our workshop before making its way straight to your door. Fast, faster, polystar®!

Our spare part service

All film sealers and continuous rotary heat sealers contain wearing parts that have to be replaced from time to time. These spare parts are always ready to ship, because we want you to be able to use your packaging machines without any unnecessary interruptions. If we receive your spare part order by 10:30 am, Monday to Friday – by telephone, email or fax – the spare parts can be sent to you on the same day (subject to intermediate sale).

By the way...

...we also have thermoplastic tube films made of PE and reclaimed PE that are the perfect match for these sealers. On top of that, we can have centre-folded films or film bags with base or side seams manufactured especially for you.

Just have a browse on our homepage in the “Films/Polyethylene tube films” or “Films/Reclaimed tube films” sections.

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