Industrial packaging – thought ahead!

polystar® is known for the thermal sealing of packaging films, i.e. the sealing of e.g. PE tubular films and/or film bags, e.g. Doypacks, composite bags or PP bags and many more.

Packaging processes, however, are more complex. How do the contents get into the bags? Or can texts, e.g. a best before date, also be printed on the filled bags or tubular films?

Sure - both are possible. Either as an individual or complete solution.

Together we will examine your packaging processes and put together the right packaging line for you.

Weighing and filling

GALAXY filling scales are suitable for all products that need to be precisely weighed and filled into a bag, can or jar. Herbs, tea, coffee beans, powder, jelly bears, pet treats, grated cheese and much more can be weighed out and filled in the correct portion.

No matter whether you are filling 0.3g or 25kg - we will configure your perfect filling scale together.

With an additional polystar® film sealing device, a complete and individual packaging line can be created according to your packaging needs.

Individual print data on your packaging

"Print anything on foils? That smudges right away!" That's only true if you haven't chosen the right printing solution.

With the edding brand printer, you can print on so-called non-absorbent substrates, e.g. PE or aluminum composite films, too. The print produced dries immediately and does not smudge.

The desired imprint on the packaging can be created individually: BBD, barcode, logo, text - no problem!

Together with the filling scale and a film sealing device, you have a complex packaging process from a single source.


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