printer edding In-Line 12

Printer edding In-Line 12
Printer edding In-Line 12

Product description


As you know, we are passionate pioneers when it comes to sealing films of (almost) every kind: the polystar® film sealers are reliable and can be used almost intuitively without the need for training.

And yet... something is missing from this work process. Yep – you guessed it – a printing solution that can be used to print BBDs and so on. And here it is... our

Unbeatable printing solution with the In-Line 12 printer

We are very proud of this small, compact printer. And it is just as easy to use as the polystar® film sealers.

  • Flexible application: whether stationary or always ‘elsewhere’. No matter how you use the In-Line 12 printer, it prints quickly and reliably
  • Simple installation: no need for technical expertise
  • No expensive training required: clear instructions given on the display
  • Maintenance-free

Your work processes can be effectively streamlined thanks to the combination of the In-Line 12 printer and a polystar® 350 DSM or 400 DSM series continuous rotary heat sealer. You save time, as both work processes are merged into one. And if you previously used labels to display the required information on your packaging, you will also save money on labels.

The In-Line 12 can print on almost all non-absorbent substrates – be it on polyethylene or polypropylene, aluminium composite or other composite packaging, the print stays on the bag.

Make the right impression

Of course, the decision of what to print is entirely yours. The In-Line 12 printer offers alphanumerical characters for printing dates and times, batch designations, etc. But it also allows you to effortlessly print logos and 1D/2D bar codes in a printing quality of up to 300 dpi.

You can print on up to five lines 1.8 to 12.7 mm in height. And so that you do not have to enter the same text over and over again, the internal memory provides space for storing over 100,000 texts and logos.

The most important thing for a precise print is to leave a gap between the printing head and film of between roughly 6 and 8 mm. Smaller or larger gaps will significantly impair the quality of the printed image.

WYSIWYG – The In-Line 12 printer makes programming easy

No, it’s not gibberish: WYSIWYG stands for the simple formula: “What you see is what you get”. The 4.3-inch colour LED touchscreen shows you what will be printed on the film after printing is started.

The programming for the individual print operations couldn’t be easier: either use the display or – even better – the wireless keyboard that comes with the printer. You can set the desired printing position and printing direction on the display.

You can choose from inks cartridges of various colours for the print. In addition to black (standard), there is also green, red or blue. And you even have the option of printing in pigment white and pigment yellow.

In-Line 12 – lightweight and easy to install

At just 600 g (without ink cartridge and holder), this printer is truly lightweight. It can also be installed precisely where it is needed.

The all-in-one set provided in the delivery includes – in addition to the printer itself – various stainless steel rods in different sizes as well as clamping and base pieces. The In-Line 12 printer can be securely installed or flexibly mounted where it is needed using the accompanying screws and Allen wrenches.

When used in conjunction with the polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers, the printer can be positioned directly on the table stand holder or on the transport belts. As a result, the printer is mounted securely out of the way but can still be operated with ease.

By the way...

You can create an entire production line that meets your specific requirements with the In-Line 12 printer, GALAXY filling scales and polystar® continuous rotary heat sealers. And did you also know that we offer many different types of film? Now that’s one-stop service! Just have a little browse on our website.


Technical Data

Technical Data edding In-Line 12
Printing height Up to 5 rows, between 1.8 and 12.7 mm
Printing speed 76 m (197 ft) per minute with 300 DPI
Printing surface Wide range of inks for almost all non-absorbent materials
Printing options Alphanumerical symbols and logos, and even 1D/2D barcodes
Storage capacity Internal memory for over 100,000 texts and logos
Input device Via wireless keyboard
Power supply Power pack: AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1.6 A, automatic switchover, printer: 24 V, 2.5 A
Dimensions 123.5 x 77.2 x 83.0 mm
Weight 0.6 kg (without ink cartridge and holder)
Operating conditions 5–40°C (41–104°F) at 10–90% humidity (non-condensing)


Drucker edding In-Line 12  (161.3 KB)

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