Interpack 2023

Welcome to Interpack 2023 in Düsseldorf

Interpack 2023

After six long years, Interpack in Düsseldorf is back. The forced break was - as with many similar events - due to the Corona pandemic.

Interpack always breaks new records, whether in terms of the number of visitors or exhibitors or the size of the total exhibition area. The upcoming trade show also promises to be record-breaking exciting.

We have been a regular exhibitor at Interpack in Düsseldorf for over 40 years. With the practical polystar® plastic film sealing devices, you can easily and effortlessly pack your products protectively in e.g. polyethylene films and seal them securely.

After many years in our "home hall" 13 you will find us now in hall 11. At booth F 19 we will present polystar® novelties as well as polystar® "long runners". Here is an excerpt of the exhibits:

  • polystar® heat sealing tong type 400 SZ
    for easy sealing of e.g. aluminum or paper composite foils
  • polystar® continuous band sealer type 350 DSM-TE-SV with an internal cutting device. This cuts off bag protrusions just above the sealing seam - without extra effort, simply during the sealing process.
  • polystar® continuous rotary heat sealer type 400 DSM-V on conveyor belt
    for fast sealing of stand-up pouches (e.g. Doypack) on the conveyor belt
Interpack 2023 Hallenplan
  • GALAXY weighing system Pico or Compact
    Easy weighing and filling of free-flowing products such as herbs, coffee, powder, tea or similar in e.g. stand-up pouches, jars or cans, and that from 0.03g up to 25kg or more.
    Together with the polystar® continuous sealing machines, your packaging processes can be optimally designed.
  • polystar® tabletop sealer type 438 M
    for reliable, verified and documented welding processes according to DIN EN ISO 11607

Who is actually interested in and able to use polystar® film sealing devices? Quite simply, anyone who wants to pack their product safely and securely in any type of film cannot do without film sealing equipment. Depending on the requirements and the film material, the polystar® sealing devices offer sealing seams of different lengths and widths.

Make your preselection already now at your home computer and browse through this homepage. If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you.


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